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08 Jan 2023 FEATURE You can setup your own MirrorAce or MultiUp account here.
28 Dec 2022 ADDED Now you can mirror your files to MirrorAce.
11 Mar 2022 FEATURE New feature Quick Download, you don't need to login to download it, the file still won't limit either.
27 Sept 2021 FEATURE You can Allow users to stream your video files. You can activate it in the Profile menu.
14 Sept 2021 FEATURE Now you can empty your trash via the Profile panel to free up your storage.
3 Sept 2021 INFO Draibu mirror and Bypass tool it's back in operation
21 Aug 2021 INFO Draibu mirror and Clone Download can't be used for a while
20 May 2021 FIXED Fix bug multiup mirror
28 Feb 2021 FIXED Bypass service running normally!
05 May 2020 FIXED Security updated for login session.
21 Jan 2020 REMOVED Openload, streamango & verystream. Because all of their sites are no longer active
30 Sep 2019 FIXED Improvement the clone download method, automatically regenerates if the clone is broken
29 Sep 2019 IMPROVED Upload Links automatically copy files to your account if the source file is from another account
28 Aug 2019 ADDED We have added the Clone Download
08 Jun 2019 ADDED We have added the Verystream mirror